Welcome to Chinese

Chinese is learning about how to read and write also to understand the language .

China is a country

Here's China


It's in Asia. People are mainly asian. They speak Mandarin,Cantonese and many other local languages. Chinese people have a strong and rich history of many years


We learn how to read and write in characters. We also learn simple orders in a sentences. We celebrate and learn about the holidays and culture.

In class we have learned many sentences like how to invite a friend and howto introduce your self.We also learned how to get food and apologize and many other simple conversations.Sentences like 你好 and 我们在 shake shack 吃饭.We learn to reconigze certain words and be expected to translate chinese to english and vise versa.

Chinese regents

We take it either in junior or senior year.The chinese regents is mandatory to pass high school so everyone needs a language credit.Since our school focuses on language its even more importent soe everyone takes 4 years of chinese.


Translate this sentence into english These are the most basic questions asked in test for beginners.Right now in class i am told to memorize certain phrases to figure out the context.


what is your name?

How do you write pretty in chinese


Translate what do you wanna eat?


Name all the family names you know


The questions on this test are just finding what the charcters mean.It's similar to what we are learning in class as we only are doing simple vocab and sentences we need.The multiple choices make it easier for the students to understand and to answer.Personally I find multipke choices a lot easier in the testing portion since I can make sure to remember the charcter and the meaning with it.Most of the test that I do in Mandarin classes requires me to memorize and practice the charcters and sentence structures.